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AVG PC TuneUp 2013 review

Every PC user would like their system to run a little faster, but making that happen yourself usually requires time, effort, and a detailed low-level knowledge of how Windows really works.

But if that sounds too much like hard work then you could always just install a copy of AVG PC TuneUp , which the authors say can restore “over 50% of speed and free space” on cluttered PCs, while improving “battery life by up to 30 percent”, and for the most part without you having to do anything at all.

Of course there are plenty of PC maintenance suites promising much the same thing, some of which are even available for free. But this isn’t just another identikit optimization package. It has real depth, offers genuinely useful advice, and includes tools you won’t find elsewhere.

Is there enough power here to really speed up your PC, though? We decided to put the program to the test.


After a straightforward installation, AVG PC TuneUp immediately launched its 1-Click Maintenance tool, which quickly checked for Registry problems, broken shortcuts, surplus temporary files, startup and shutdown problems, and so on. The report appears within a couple of minutes, and you can then fix any issues with a click.

This won’t have much effect, as 1-Click Maintenance is very limited (its hard drive cleaning only empties your temporary folders, for instance -- it doesn’t even touch the Recycle Bin), but it’s fine as a quick start.

And with this first scan complete, we got our first look at the program’s interface, which divides its functionality into five sections. “Status & recommendations” details any issues with your PC and provides some quick fixes; “Optimize system” includes links to various speedup tools; “Gain disk space” helps you to delete redundant files; “Fix problems” contains some general PC maintenance options; and “Customise Windows” provides various useful PC tweaks.

This is conventional enough, but a little cluttered, and not the easiest to follow. So it’s good to see the program has an “Overview” option, too; click this button and instead of the tabs you’ll see every tool listed on the same page, which may be an easier way to find what you need. (It’s a little like Control Panel, for instance -- if you can’t remember where a particular option is located, switching to the Icon view will often help.)

Core Tools

We started our tests by checking the core tools you’d find in any PC maintenance suite.

AVG PC TuneUp has plenty of hard drive cleaning options, for instance, allowing you to remove redundant files, Windows Update backups, old system restore points and more. It can’t quite compete with CCleaner, but is still capable of freeing up a useful amount of drive space.

Additional one-click options can disable hibernation, Windows search indexing and so on, saving a little more.

And a Disk Analyzer reports on your drives to show you what’s consuming the most space (the largest files, the most space-hogging folders, and so on). We’d like a tool to locate duplicate files, as well, but otherwise this is a genuinely useful way to free up hard drive space.

Of course there are also a couple of options here to help control your Windows startup programs.

The program can make specific recommendations, which generally include good advice, for example suggesting that you run Google Update as a scheduled task, rather than every time your system starts.

This certainly could make sense, although, disappointingly, the program won’t create a substitute task for you. So if you disable this kind of utility and forget to set up a task, then you’ll miss out on updates, perhaps compromising your security.

Meanwhile a second option displays all your startup programs, highlighting those it believes are unnecessary. Startup programs can be disabled at a click, but conveniently they remain on the list. If you have problems, you can come back a week later and re-enable anything you like.

Elsewhere a capable Registry Cleaner quickly scans your system to highlight problems, allowing you to view these in detail and delete them in a click. And even if, like us, you think that Registry cleaning does little of value, you should still appreciate the Registry Editor, launched via the toolbar. It looks like REGEDIT, but has more features; searching, for instance, quickly displays a list of matching Registry keys in a “Search Results” tab. It’s a very useful way to be more productive in your Registry work.

Program Deactivator

Install big applications such as VMware Workstation or Microsoft Office and that’ll often add services, startup programs and other tasks which will slow your PC down. If this becomes a problem, and you use the program rarely, then you can uninstall it – but that’s about all.

AVG PC TuneUp offers...

Re: AVG PC Tuneup 2013 - AVG | AVG Support and Discussion ...

Hi,AVG. I'm fairly new to your products, and recently installed Pc Tuneup 2013. But I resorted to an early uninstallation due to an error message I got during bootup which says "Remove boot execute record unsuccessfully". I have high admiration towards your products, and logic moves me to believe I maybe missing something or perhaps wasn't able to adhere to instructions regarding the product rather than jump to conclusions that Pc Tuneup is faulty.

Hope to be adequately informed about this messsage and what to do to prevent it. And also what parameters regarding PC Tuneup must I set in order to avoid it causing havoc to my PC just because of misuse. PC Tuneup 2013 made my PC run faster, despite being cluttered and filled with lots of programs installed. I want to re-install it.

However, I also must be cautious as to not jeopardize my configurations. I take this as a priority, hope you understand.

Thanks and more power! =)

The same story here.

I am using the paid "AVG Internet Security 2013" and "TuneUp Utilities 2013" which is the same as AVG TuneUp 2013.
When trying to defrag the registry using "TuneUp Registry Defrag" I get the same error message upon restart.

Any solutions/workarounds greatly appeciated?

Which is the faulty application: "AVG Internet Security 2013" or "TuneUp Utilities 2013"?

Common AVG. 5 days since the original post and no comment from you! I can't reproduce the error message I am using
AVG PC TuneUP version 12.4000.108
(under "Help & Support" "About")

AVG Internet Security version 2013.0.2793
(under "options", "about", "product")

try disableing AVG Internet Securty
(right click tray icon "Temporarily Disable AVG protection")

Run the defrag, let it reboot and see if the error goes away.

The idea is to find out what program is causing it.


  • Three modes - Saving Mode, Standard Mode & Turbo Mode can switched within with a single click to gain either Max Visual Experience or Max Performance with a neutral mode in between.
  • Lets you clean the registry, temporary files of Internet browsers, Windows & other applications automatically to let you surf fast through your PC.
  • Defragmentation of Disks & Smart Disk Cleaners are available in this software to gain the hidden space of your disk after prolonged usage.
  • You can even get back the permanently deleted files with this awesome AVG PC Tuneup software.
  • Gain the ultimate control of your PC with this speedy smart 'AVG PC Tuneup 2013'.

*To get a full version, click the button below to get the crack & patch files. Extract the .rar file and do the patching as mentioned in the README file.

Disclaimer: All the cracks & serials provided in Crackroach are collected from various sources of internet. You are very much advised to buy the original copy of the software to support the manufacturers.
AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013 Receives Top Ratings from CNET, PC Mag and Software ...
10/22/12 Complementing the AVG 2013 Internet Security range, AVG PC TuneUp® keeps PCs running smoothly and at peak performance by cleaning the hard drive, fixing issues, preserving battery life on laptops, and eliminating freezing and crashing. *) Dennis
AVG Antivirus 2013 Considered Best Antivirus Software By Many
11/07/12 Aside from AVG Antivirus 2013, the company also offers AVG Internet Security 2013 and AVG PC TuneUp. Internet Security 2013 has features such as an integrated firewall and anti-spam and spyware features that could protect devices from being hacked via
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